With this contract to plead to all legal purposes between:

Mr/Mrs. ______________born in _________________on ____________ residing in _____________in ______________ , ____________C.F._______________________ as the rental contract owner of the property locatedin _________________ Milan, Italy consisting of __ rooms plus services ,___  floor __,  fully furnished andequipped with the appliances, furniture and furnishings in Annex A to thiscontract ( in continuation referred to as Owner)


The TARGET APARTMENTSD.O.O, based in Belgrade,Serbia in Ulica Vajara Zivojina Lukica 39, VAT 106278 916 (referred to incontinuation as the Company)


Given that:


- The Company provides consulting and servicesaimed at achieving the highest possible profit arising from the management ofreal estate,  by finding individuals with housing needs for shortemployment periods, as well as any provision of any additional useful servicesand connected to the pursuit of that purpose;


- The owner claiming to be the owner of theproperty as well as of the related furniture and equipment therein, as well asany associated structures, such as basements or parking lots, box;

- The owner declares that the property is currentlyfree of people as well as people who cannot boast the same no right in any way;

- The aforementioned property owner intends to drawmaximum benefit from the economic advantage of the services provided by theCompany in this regard.

- Target Apartments D.O.O.does exclusivelymarketing activities as a scope of discovery of individuals with theaforementioned housing needs and Target Apartments not the owner ofthe properties offered.


That said between these parties agree as follows:


1.    Foreword


The premises and all attachments are an integral part of this contract;


2.   Matter and description of the services


The Target Apartments committed to providing advertising andmarketing consulting on the management of the property as stated above , alsoinclusive of everything that relates in general to the preparation of the samein relation to the purpose to derive the greatest possible profit from themanagement .

It is also committed to research subjects who lease the property, forthe purpose of housing, work and do short-term and transient in nature, inparticular by promoting the same property in the midst of its website as well as other specialized sites, as well as ensuring theoverall management and administration of the contacts and relationships betweenstakeholders and the Owner.


3.   Authorization for Use of the property and Delivery


The owner with the signing of this contract authorizes the Company tooffer the public the property for its occupation for short periods in themanner and with the same means as deemed appropriate. The Target ApartmentsD.O.O. will then be free to promote and advertise the property and to provideany information relating to it by any means of dissemination, particularlythrough its website.

Because of the foregoing, the Owner authorizes the Company to enter thethird parties found in the possession of the property, and even if willing, toentrust the management and implementation services related to occupancy of theproperty to a third company, Apartments Service Srl with registered offices inMilan, at Via Napo Torriani n.5 VAT IT08432100967.   Latter companywill provide eventually services related to occupancy of the property such as,but not limited to check-in and check-out; cleaning, change of linen, the worksof a small maintenance of facilities and household appliances and furnishings,etc. It is understood that the same activities may be carry out by othercompanies, at the discretion of the Company.


4.   Faculty of use of the property by the owner


The owner agrees to promptly inform the Target Apartments DOO anyperiods of unavailability of the property for personal use or for any furtherreason.

In order to communicate such unavailability, the owner must: go to thewebsite of Target Apartments DOO using their personal code and exclude from theoffer to the thirds the property as of personal use; communicate via e-mail tothe company that exclusion to availability.

It will not be possible, of course, to exclude periods for which it isalready present a booking from Target site by third parties.


5.   Fees and Payment


The owner gives a mandate to the Company to cash in the name and onbehalf of the fees due, under occupation of the property by customers.

The owner also agrees to pay to the Company an amount variable and / orfixed in relation to the days of occupation of the property by customers, aswell as for the care of themselves and paid for services, and/ or relatedreturns ( for example. : check-in , check-out , cleaning) . The Company will bebilling directly to the client all sums that the same pay forth availability ofthe property. ; subsequently , within the period referred to in the followingparagraph, the Target Apartments DOO Owner will pay the amounts due accordingto the table below; The following table shows the net amount to be paid by theTarget Apartments DOO to the owner .

Net proceeds to the owner:



Rental Period



Duration < 7 days

____€ a day



____€ a week



____€ a month


The above amount must be paid by bank transfer to the owner by the 10thday of the month following the month of employment by customers; the owner alsomust issue the Target Apartments DOO received on the quantum paid by theCompany under this contract.


In the event that the customer should cancel the reservation, the ownermay not claim payment of any amount by which the Company will retain the same(amount paid as deposit at time of booking) as a reward for the marketing andpaid advertising.


It is understood that the Company will, at its discretion, decidewhether and how to return to the customer considering the reasons justifyingthe cancellation 


6.    Interventions on the property


The routine maintenance that may be necessary inrelation to / the property / the advertised / s and its contents (furniture, appliances,equipment) , may be performed by the Company prior notification and consent ofthe owner , including through personnel retrieved by the Company or by theOwner.


7.    Representations and Warranties of the Owner


The Owner hereby represents and warrants, undertheir own responsibility well aware of the responsibilities shouldered by falsestatements and / or incomplete, as follows:


- That the property and any associated structures (pits, basements, terraces , etc. ..) , as well as all the facilities (electric,gas, water, theft) , furniture , appliances and furnishings are safe, in goodrepair and comply to the regulations regarding health , safety and urbanplanning , as well as any other regulations applicable thereto and in acondition for their intended use. The Owner agrees to produce and deliver acopy of the documentation relating to the above certifications in order toadvertise the property;


- That the property is in full compliance with allof the information and / or descriptions and / or illustrations and / or photosrelated to the property itself may have provided to the Company for thepublicity of the same; the owner also agrees to provide promptly to the Companyall information concerning any change in the status of the property from both aphysical and legal (example . changes of use , ablative measures and / orpreventative of 'use of the property , etc. . ) and that also without expressrequests to do so by the Company . This information must be true, accurate,correct and complete;


- That the regulations do not expressly prohibitoccupation of portions of exclusive ownership by third parties for shortperiods.


- The owner, also, for the duration of thiscontract will not be able to conclude directly with third-party lease and / orotherwise compromise and / or prevent and / or make more difficult thepossibility for the Target Apartments D.O.O. to provide customers theaforementioned apartment. The owner, in fact,claims to be perfectly aware ofthe fact that the realization of the behavior described in this paragraphcauses harm to the company both in terms of expenditure incurred for thedelivery of the property (advertising, appointments,etc.) both in terms of lostearnings . Such damage, therefore, must be paid.


- The owner also well aware of the effects thatarise from the absorption of the following commitment, agree to waive contractdirectly with customers retrieved from Target Apartments DOO for a period ofthree years following the expiration of this contract and any subsequentrenewals silent.


8.    Restitution of the property and documentation


The Company agrees to return to the owner theproperty in its possession in relation to the termination of this Agreementunless otherwise agreed;


9.    Exclusions of liability. Obligation to enterinto the contract of insurance for the damage


The parties agree that in the event that the propertyand / or furnishings, fixtures and / or appliances were to be damaged duringthe management of the Company and / or the term of this contract and / or inthe case of events occur as a result of that availability even after the expiryof the contract and it is established that such damages are attributable to thefact and / or fault of the latter and / or persons authorized to have access tothe property (example . cleaning personnel, change of linen etc. . ) or ofthird parties procured by the same means of advertising (customers ) , theTarget Apartments DOO will not be required to pay for those damages to theOwner as to such latter hypothesis will have to equip themselves with theappropriate insurance that provides coverage.


Similarly, the owner shall take out appropriateinsurance cover in the event of damage to third parties and / or to the occupantsof and arising out of the same occupation.

In the event that the owner does not enter into thesepolicies and / or the same should not cover its loss, no responsibility can beas described to the Target Apartments DOO and / or the company that would make theservices related to occupancy of the property and therefore no amount may bededucted in respect of the same.


The Owner, with the signing of this contract, fullyunderstand the contents of this clause and accept the fact because the subjectof extensive discussion. The owner also acknowledges that the effect of thesame has been taken into account for the purposes of determining the amountthat may be held by the Target Apartments DOO in performance of this contract.


10. Indemnity and decreased enjoyment


The Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless theCompany against all costs and expenses that may arise from actions of thirdparties and the use of the property resulting from a breach by the Owner of theobligations and warranties under this contract.

If for any reason in relation to the property coveredby this contract and / or the common parts of it, you experience situationsthat rouse customers procured by the Company through its own advertising, tolament the diminished enjoyment of the same, the Owner authorizes the Companyto collect on its behalf and on behalf of the amounts due for the enjoyment ofthe property to a limited extent in proportion to the alleged diminution of theenjoyment;


11. Duration and Renewal


This contract will run for __ months from____________________________until ___________________


12. Changes


The parties agree from the outset that any changes tothis Agreement and its annexes must be drawn up and approved in writing underpenalty of nullity, even by e -mail, and accepted by both parties.


13. Communications


The communications provided for and in connection withthis contract must be sent to the following addresses:

-     The Company: Target Apartments D.O.O. forconvenience at the Apartment Service SRLS , Via Napo Torriani 5 , 20124, tel: +39 02 898 66 234

-      For the Owner:_______________________________________________________________________________


In order to give effect to the possibility ofknowledge of communications relating to this contract, the parties agree tonotify each other of any changes in that address , in a timely manner and inany event no later than the end of gg.10 from the event amending


14. Applicable law and exclusive jurisdiction


This contract is in Italian and will be interpretedaccording to the laws of the Italian Republic. Any dispute arising out of correlatingto the validity, interpretation, performance or breach of this Agreement shallbe subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Milan.


Milan, __.__.____




TheCompany                                                                                                theOwner




Pursuant to and for the purposes referred to inart. 1341and 1342, after carefully reading and aware of the effects that arisefrom the acceptance of the terms subsequently reported, the parties sign and declareexpressly and specifically approve the conditions, the effects and the contentof the following clauses:

Article 5. (Waiver of claim for the payment of theamount paid by the customer at the time of booking in case of cancellation ofthe same).

Article 7. (Statements relating to the property owner;prohibition to contract with a third party during the term of the contract and,after the expiry date and for the period of three years, with customersretrieved from Target Apartments DOO damages).

Article 9. (Disclaimer of liability for damage tothe property, the content thereof, to third parties and to the occupants.Obligation to enter into the contract of insurance for liability for suchdamages).

Article 10 .( Indemnity and decreased enjoyment of theapartment; opportunity for the Company to pay to the Customer an amount less thanoriginally agreed in proportion to the failure or diminished use and / orenjoyment ) .

Article 11. (Tacit renewal);

Article 14. (Applicable law and court exclusively titheCourt of Milan).

Milan, 01/05/2014


The Target Apartments D.O.O                                                                                         the Owner


Attached to this contract: