I would like to book an apartment. How?


In order to book an apartment, you have to select the dates of your arrival and departure,the number of persons travelling with you and your destination in the left-handcorner at the top of our home page. Simply click on the button “Search” and choose an apartment from the list of available apartments, which is provided by our system. After selecting an apartment you prefer, filling in your personal details, you can choose one of three methods of payment. You will have to make a payment of reservation fee by credit card, PayPal or by bank transfer. If you make the reservation by credit card or Pay Pal account, you will instantly receive an e-mail of confirmation for the reservation, with all of the details of the reservation.If you make it by bank transfer, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions of how to make the transfer and subsequently, of how to confirmthe reservation. 


I would like to book an apartment but I am looking for an apartment with certain characteristics.


Apart from looking for an apartment by the number of people and the availability, it is possible to search more specifically by the area, the number of bedrooms,apartments with access for disabled people, apartments that accepts domestic animals, apartments with a baby cot etc.In order to conduct this type of search, you will have to access the "Search filters" and select which kind of facilities you would like to have in the apartment.


I want to know if the apartment includes sheets and towels.


All our apartments are provided with sheet and towels, however for details you need to check the facilities of the apartment as well as booking conditions on the page of the apartment you selected and check whether any payment is requested. If any, this information will be clearly outlined.


If I make a reservation online and I do not like the apartment, what happens?


The content of the information about the apartment is exclusively based on clear, precise and true information. Our Company has developed a website with a particular care to have more possible and particular information concerning the apartment published and visible. If upon arrival, you find an apartment different then what you booked or considerably damaged or unusable, you must notify us by telephone and send a written complaint to our customer service address in order to make the necessary checks and take appropriate actions. Any other claim not directly related to the reserved apartment (area, neighbourhood, etc.) or with the provided information on the website provided by thirds (weather conditions,urban transportation etc.) will not be accepted by our company.


How do I get the booking confirmation? 


The confirmation of your booking will be sent to the e-mail address that you used in the reservation form. In the confirmation, you will find: 

1. The exact address of the apartment

2. The contact person’s details and detailed information about how to collect the keys


How do I collect the keys of the apartment? 


When you receive the booking confirmation by e-mail, you will get detailed instructions about how to collect the keys, the exact address of the apartment and phone number and e-mail of your contact person, who will explain how to get there. 


How do I get the invoice of the payment? 


Invoice of the payment fee will be sent to you by e-mail after your request.


Is cleaning included in the total price?


The cleaning fees are not included in the total price. If yes, it would be indicated in the particular conditions of each apartment. 

Does the total price include expenses or taxes? 


The total price includes taxes. Additional expenses, if existing, would be indicated in the particular conditions of each apartment.


I wish to reserve various apartments for a group of people.


Normally apartments that are located in the same building have similar names. Therefore, they are easily recognizable in the available apartments listed. Please conduct a primary search and should you still have doubts, please contact us by e-mail info@target-apartments.com


I am looking for an apartment for one night only.


If the stay is 1 or 2 nights, perhaps there will be no availability for the apartment as the majority of the apartments have minimum stays of 3 or 4 nights. 


I am looking for an apartment for two nights.


If the stay is two nights, perhaps there will be no availability for the apartment for just two nights as the majority of the apartments have minimum stays of three or 4 nights. 


I am looking for an apartment for more than three nights.


If the stay is quite long, if it is during a period for which there is high demand or if it is a last minute reservation, perhaps there is no apartment available for the total stay. However, if you repeat the search for fewer days, perhaps you will find an apartment, which you can combine with another for the rest of the days. 

I am looking for an apartment for more than six people.


Perhaps there is no apartment available with the capacity that you desire. Try to introduce an amount of people that is less than what you introduced the first time and try the search again. You may find that there are various apartments available and that your group can be divided up in more than one apartment.


Are the prices per person or per apartment?


When you insert the arrival and departure dates, as well as the number of people that will stay there, the price that appears is always the total for all of the occupants for the entire stay. 


Is it necessary to include children in the number of people?


Children over the age of two are counted as adults and have to be paid for. 

I wish to make a reservation but I do not want to effect payment online


There is an alternative to online payment and bank transfer can do this. You can do the reservation as normal; select the apartment, fill out the reservation form and by continuation in the following page; you can select the payment method. If you select bank transfer as your payment method, you will receive an e-mail with our bank details where you can deposit the money, as well as a fax number where you can send the receipt confirming the transfer. Please keep in mind that the reservation will only be confirmed once we have received the payment.If the apartment has been reserved in the period in between which you have made the pre-reservation and you have sent the fax, we will either offer you another apartment or return the money that you have paid. Before you have made the bank transfer, you should double check the calendar of the apartment that you have selected in order to ensure that they are still available. 


What is the deposit?


It is a quantity of money that we ask for as a guarantee for the care and good use of the apartment. If it is found upon your departure that the apartment is found in a good state, the money will be returned to you (by credit card or bank transfer)

At what time can I check-in and check-out of the apartment?


In the information page of each apartment, in the lower part, there is a section called “conditions”. There you will see the hour in which you are permitted to enter into the apartment on the day of arrival, as well as the hour you have to depart on the day of departure.


I would like to know if the apartment is located in a safe area?


All the apartments offered in our website are located in safe areas but since in most cases they are in touristic places, it is advisable to beware of pickpockets and always keep an eye on your bags and luggage. 


Safe payment of the booking process


www.target-apartment.com is using PayPal that ensures that any information sent via the web portal is protected from any outside access. The technology used is known as SSL (SecureSockets Layer) with a high level of encryption (RC4 128 bit) that meets the requirements of maximum safety for any information sent via the website:

Encryption,data is sent encrypted to make it extremely confidential

Authentication,the recipient's identity is verified by PayPal and makes sure the server to which you are sending the information is secure

Thanks to the bank's secure servers, the data from your credit card will travel over the Internet encrypted and will not be handled by ourselves or other outsiders.