By accessing or using our web site,by using the services of Target Apartments or by booking or using anyaccommodation or service with Target Apartments D.O.O. directly through ourwebsite or our affiliate, partner or any other websites/companies that publishor promote accommodations managed by our Company, You accept these Terms and Conditions.This is a legal agreement between you, the Client, and Target

We facilitate a booking service forapartments on a short-term rental basis only, manage the properties and provideother services on behalf of the Property Owners, such as cleaning services ofthe apartment, client acceptance services, marketing etc. We provide but do notown or run any accommodation ourselves.

The accommodation offered on our websiteis rented to you by property owners and not by Target Apartments. TargetApartments is not a party to lease agreement between you and property owner. Inthe highly unlikely event of a problem arising, our liability to you, if any,is limited to an amount paid to us by you and Target Apartments will in NO CASEbe responsible to the renter for an amount exceeding the booking or rental fee.

The following general terms andconditions are part of the contract signed with Target Apartments.

This general terms and conditionsof contract apply to the lease agreement for short-term purposes stipulated byand between you, the Client and Target Apartments relating to the Propertyselected by you among those listed on the website

In the following contract the useof the word Client, Tenant or You is always referred to you, a person thatmakes a booking and temporary tenant of Property published on our website.Equally, the use of the word Company, and/or Target Apartmentsis referred to Target Apartments D.O.O


The contract is conditional on thepayment of reservation fee and indicates acceptance of all the terms and conditionspublished here. By making a reservation, you agree to accept this terms andconditions and no further signature or explicit acceptance or non-acceptance isnecessary or relevant. It is your responsibility to read this terms andconditions before making a reservation. By making a reservation you representand warrant that, you are of legal age to enter into this agreement and use thesite pursuant to this agreement, and that the information you submit will betrue and accurate.

You can make a reservation online or after requesting reservation.

Until the Reservation Fee has beenpaid, no reservation can be guaranteed.

In order to confirm your booking itis necessary to pay a reservation fee that is a part of the total rent amount,clearly indicated as a Booking Fee. Your booking will only be confirmed once thepayment has been received and accepted. After a booking, a Voucher will be sentto you by e-mail written with your name and with the dates of your reservation.We ask you to print out this Voucher and carry it with you upon your arrival.You need to hand this Voucher to the person in charge for your check-in. At themoment of your booking, you declare to be over 18 years old and to accept thisTerms and Conditions. The contract is considered as definitive after thepayment of the reservation fee.

Please note: Target Apartments willnot be held accountable or liable in anyway should there be a problem with yourreservation, even once payment has been accepted.

If we do not confirm the booking,it means that the contract has not been made. Please carefully check the detailson Your on-screen confirmation booking voucher/email and all otherdocumentation on receipt and inform us immediately of any errors. We do notaccept liability for any errors not notified to us within 72 hours of the dateof booking and it may not be possible to make corrections at a later stage.

Payment of the remaining balanceshell be done at the arrival date (by cash or credit card) or if by banktransfer at least 7 days before arrival.


Prices as published include energyconsumption, final cleaning and other extras as outlined (e.g. internet usage,cable or satellite television, etc.). Unless otherwise provided in the BookingConfirmation, the said price shall be intended as inclusive of initial andfinal cleaning, electricity and gas, heating and water consumption (exceptunder special conditions). In case of monthly lease, the electricity and gasexpenses are covered for a maximum amount of €100 per month. The electricityand gas meters will be read upon check in and check out for these purposes.Should the monthly bill exceed this limit, the extra cost will be retained fromthe Security Deposit. The average cost per Kw of electricity in Italy is €0.17,while the average cost of 1 m³ of gas is €0.70.

The clients must do washing the dishes,cleaning the kitchenware and throwing out the garbage, because it is notincluded in the final cleaning. Supplementary services such as daily or weekly cleaning,additional linen change etc. must be paid extra on the site as per separateagreement. Any additional costs for the apartment will be specificallymentioned under “Special Conditions” of the apartment on the website. These“Special conditions” will also be referred to in the contract. The third partyprovides information brochures concerning the apartment (transportation, shops,restaurants, sports centres etc.) Possible changes to these services may not becommunicated promptly. Supply of services such as gas, water, electricity,internet service etc. can sometimes undergo maintenance without knowledge tous. Target Apartments cannot and will not be held responsible or accountablefor this nor for cases of Force Majeure or any other missing services caused bythirds.


Payment of reservation/booking canbe made as follows:

Via Credit Card: Visa, VisaElectron, MasterCard, Maestro or PayPal (Additional banking fees may apply.Please check with your provider and/or Target Apartments prior to booking.) Viaour Secured Socket Layer (SSL) website directly in conjunction with our securepayment system (Pay Pal). It is important for you to know that whenever youprovide us with personal details or credit card information, it is secure. Yourcredit card number, name, address, and telephone number are protected bypowerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology as it travels throughthe internet.

Alternatively via wiretransfer/direct deposit (ask for our bank coordinates) or by calling ouroffices on +39 02 898 66 234 from Monday to Friday from 09:30to 18:30 CET.

The Full Rental Fee quoted in theBooking Confirmation Voucher refers to the entire period of stay.

A) Reservation/Booking Fee:

A part of the total rent amountclearly indicated on our website as a booking fee is to be completed andreceived by Target Apartments at the moment of your booking or in specialoccasions at latest 24hours after the booking has been made.


B) Final Payment:

Payment must be made upon Yourarrival in cash (Euro only – and if not exceeding a maximum amount of 1000€) orCredit Card VISA OR MASTERCARD ONLY excluding any Special Conditions agreed toby Yourself and Target Apartments prior to Your arrival. In case of finalpayment by credit card, 4%will be added to your final payment amount as tocover the cost of bank commission.

Should you wish to pay the completeamount by bank transfer it is necessary to be done at least 7 days prior toyour scheduled arrival.

C) Security Deposit Payment:

You are required to provide aSecurity Deposit exclusively by credit card (VISA OR MASTERCARD ONLY) uponarrival pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the BookingConfirmation upon Your arrival in cash. The amount of the Security Depositdepends on the property you selected and booked and it is clearly outlined at thetime of booking.

The security deposit for eachapartment is clearly outlined for each property on our website. If there is nodamage, the security deposit will be fully refunded to you upon your departure.

Should the Property be found tohave been damaged by the Client, and/or in the case of electricity or gasconsumptions exceeding the limit of 100€, Target Apartments is entitled toretain the security deposit fully or a part of it in order to cover thesedamages. The remaining part of security deposit will be refunded after 1 monthafter deducting the amount to cover these damages.

You bear financial responsibilityfor the instruments, pieces of equipment and furniture in the Property and forthe Property condition itself from the moment your rental starts and until youhand over the keys. The tenant is obliged to report on any kind of damage andfailure within 12 hours immediately after moving into the apartment. If thetenant does not, we are entitled to take into consideration the latest knowncondition of the apartment.

Should the damage exceeds theSecurity Deposit given on arrival, You are obliged to pay for the damage causedby You or other tenants that are staying in the same apartment with You, inaccordance with the measure of the damage caused. If the damages are not paid,the tenant will face legal prosecution and other sanctions prescribed byItalian Laws.

The invoice is free from tax.


Your rental commences at 14:00 CETand ends at 11:00 CET on the dates selected by you and defined in the Voucher.

It is your responsibility to informus of your exact arrival time. We need to know your arrival details and yourexact arrival time in order to schedule Your Check-in on the day of yourarrival. It is very important to schedule Your Check-in especially for arrivalson weekends, holidays and after 20:00CET since our offices are closed at thattime.

We charge €30, 00 if your arrivalis on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Italian public holidays or after 8pm as alate/weekend/public holiday Check-in Fee.

We invite you to respect thescheduled check-in time, especially for arrivals after 20:00 CET, on weekend orItalian Public Holidays since the person in charge for Your check-in has amaximum wait time of 1h. After that time, the person in charge for your check-inis instructed to leave and you will be charged as according to our cancellationpolicy without the possibility to check-in.

In case of unexpected delays, dueto unpredictable flight/train arrival delays or any other reasonable problems, youare due to contact the person in charge for your check-in immediately andinform him/her about such delays. In that case, we will re-schedule yourcheck-in time and will not charge you any penalty.

We remind you that on your arrivalday, we accept only cash payments if not agreed otherwise.

It is your responsibility to handover to the person in charge for your check-in the Voucher You received bye-mail from us immediately after the booking. In case you do not have it withyou the person in charge for your check-in is authorized not to let you stay inthe apartment.

It is your responsibility to bringwith you valid travel documents (passports, ID cards) of all the personsstaying in the apartment and to hand them to the persons in charge for yourcheck-in for check-up. We are obliged to register all the persons staying inour apartments and to do so we need their travel documents. In case you do nothave them with you or those documents are not valid, the person in charge forYour Check-in is authorized not to let you stay in the property. The person incharge for Your Check-in will make the copies of those travel documents andgive them back to you. It is your responsibility to check what kind of traveldocuments you need while staying in Italy. For nationals of European Union(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) photo identity card is required, while for allother nationals valid passport with expiry date exceeding the date of Yourdeparture and eventual visa and/or Italian/EU residence permit if necessary.

Please check the following websiteof Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for documents necessary while travellingin Italy: 

On the day of your departure, youare due to leave the apartment before 11:00CET.

You are due to leave the apartmentin the conditions you found it and to report any damage you or others madeduring your stay. We have a strict control system of any damage made in theapartment and you will be charged properly, especially if you do not report thedamage, with maximum penalties, even after you received back your deposit, ifwe conclude that you are responsible for the damage. Honest Clients that doreport damages occurred during their stay in our Property will suffer onlyslight and minimum charges. In case you lose the keys you will be charged anamount of 50, 00€ for each copy that is lost.


a) Contract annulment by Client

When a reservation is cancelled dueto causes that are attributable to the client and the cancellation occurs priorto scheduled check-in time, the amount paid, as a reservation fee will not berefunded. Cancellations must be communicated either in writing, by e-mail orfax. If you wish to change your booking after it has been confirmed e.g. guestnames, date changes, etc., you must cancel your booking and re-book through ourwebsite. We will try to assist but cannot guarantee to meet such requests.Cancellation charges apply and the booking fee is non-refundable. We are unableto move or modify your booking to a new apartment so please check your detailscarefully prior to confirming your booking to avoid loss and embarrassment.

It is not possible to shorten thestay and should you need to leave and cancel the booking before your scheduleddeparture date, the rental fee will not be refunded in any it is part.

b) Contract annulment and apartmentreplacement by Target Apartments

Should Target Apartments be unableto guarantee the Client use of the Property due to events of force majeure orfor any contingencies beyond our will and control, Target Apartments can annulthe contract and refund the paid booking fee.

In the event of cancellation of therental by the owner, for any cause that is, Target Apartments cannot be heldresponsible for this cancellation and will refund entirely the booking fee.

Target Apartments will in NO CASEbe responsible to the Client for an amount exceeding the booking fee.

In case of such unexpected events,Target Apartments reserves the possibility to substitute the reserved apartmentwith an offer of equal or superior value. If the Client has, a reasonable andsubstantiated cause for refusing the Property offered by way of replacement,Target Apartments would refund the Client the amounts paid. No further amountsshall be due by Target Apartments to the Client.

In case of booking cancellation byTarget Apartments, Target Apartments will give its best assistance in order tofind an alternative accommodation to the Client, but will in NO CASE beresponsible for failing to meet such requirements.


a) You are responsible:

1) For all deterioration of theproperty and its contents caused by you or a member of your group or by one ofyour guests. You are also responsible for all damages sustained by a thirdparty and which result from an act committed by you or by a member of yourgroup or by a guest invited by you or member of your group.

2) to exercise due care anddiligence in using the Property, and to keep it clean, refraining from any actwhich may damage the Property and/or cause damage to appurtenances thereofand/or annexed property and/or facilities contained therein. The Clientmoreover undertakes to verify the state of any plants present inside or onbalconies/terraces, and to keep clean any gutters or drain pipes on thebalconies/terraces in order to allow water to pass freely. You are responsiblefor the state of cleanliness of the property at the end of your stay. Crockeryand kitchen tools’ cleaning must be fulfilled by the client and is not includedin the final cleaning. Any violation on your part or on the part of a member ofyour group can lead to a deduction of your security deposit and even additionalcosts if the deterioration exceeds the amount of your security deposit.

3) To inform Target Apartments ofany damage done by you or a part of your group or any of your or your group’sguests. You bear financial responsibility for the instruments, pieces ofequipment and furniture in the Property and forth Property condition itselffrom the moment your rental starts and until you hand over the keys. The tenantis obliged to report on any kind of damage and failure within 12 hoursimmediately after moving into the apartment. If the tenant does not, we areentitled to take into consideration the latest known condition of theapartment.

4) For the number and identity ofthe persons staying in the apartment with you. The occupation of the house islimited to the number of person reported in the confirmation voucher andidentity of the persons registered during your check-in. The person in chargecan deny the access to the apartment to exceeding people.

5) Not to cause any noise ornuisance to the disturbance of nearby residents. The client commits to live thehouse in the respect of the rules for good neighbouring. The use of theProperty for illegal purposes or for prostitution is strictly forbidden.

6) To return the keys of theProperty in such manner as will be agreed with the Company.

7) Not to reproduce and/or give tothird parties the keys of the Property and/or reveal to third parties anyaccess codes for the Property. The loss/damage of keys and/or locks will entailcompensation of the cost of new locks and of four sets of keys.

b) Target Apartments is required to:

1) Respect the general conditionsand not request additional charges unless these are stipulated in the “SpecialConditions” of the apartment.

2) Supply the client with householdlinens upon arrival.

3) Respect the commitmentsundertaken with the client during the e-mail exchanges.

4) Return the security deposit uponthe client’s departure after check-out.

In the case of a violation of theserules, we ask that you contact us immediately at the beginning of your stay inthe apartment or immediately after (in thefollowing 2 hours) by telephone +39 02 898 66 234 so that the problem can bepromptly resolved. We will not accept the complaints at the end of your stay inthe apartment.


1) For the temporary defect ofequipment, for temporary equipment malfunction, for electricity power cuts,fora water reduction cuts through no fault of our own, for loss, breakage orinjury due to weather conditions, riot, strike or any other circumstancesindependent of our will. Target Apartments also declines any responsibility incase of innocent equipment malfunction during your stay, although will give itsbest assistance in order to resolve the malfunction as soon as possible, intime necessary for the reparation. Equally, Target Apartments is not to be heldresponsible for defective appliances or the misuse of appliances in any of theapartments.

2)In the case that the apartment isdestroyed or considerably damaged before the beginning of the rental, the Tenantwill be notified by e-mail, by phone or directly and completely reimbursed assoon as possible or equivalent apartment will be offered. Target Apartmentswill in NO CASE be responsible to the renter for an amount exceeding the totalbooking or rental fee.

Should the apartment propertiesdisplay substantial differences from the reports in the contract, so as not toallow a normal stay, Target Apartments commits to put an equal quality accommodationat your disposal. Should this not be possible for lack of availability orshould you refuse the supplied alternative due to effective reasons, Target Apartmentswill refund you with the whole rent or a part of your stay.

The responsibility of TargetApartments, if any, is strictly referred to an amount of money received by theTenant, be it a booking or a complete rental fee, and in NO CASE can exceedsuch amount.


In no case and at any cost is thenumber of renters is to be superior to the sleeping capacity of the apartment, whichis published on our website. However, a child`s bed can be added as an optionif requested (less than 20 months old).


If in the course of the stay youfind differences from what you have reserved, we suggest you to discuss theproblem with the person in charge for the keys. Should this person not be ableto face the problem in short time, you can contact the reservation office. Yet,the persons in charge for the client reception are not authorized to decideover possible payback at all. Any complaints must reach the reservation officewithin 4 weeks from the stay expiration date; otherwise,you will lose the right to refunding.


Target Apartments will not beliable to the Client for any thefts perpetrated, with or without break-in orphysical damages.


Milan Place of Jurisdiction will beeffective for any controversy depending on this contract. Obligatory report asper par. 16 of L. 269/98 – law punishes crimes relating to prostitution and juvenilepornography with reclusion, even if they are perpetrated abroad.


The Client authorizes the Companyto communicate his personal data to third parties in order to comply with anyobligations under the lease contract (Italian law decree 196/2003)


Target Apartments may cause thisContract to be terminated in accordance with Italian law by sending the Clientwritten notice via registered mail, in any of the following events:

a) should the Client fail to paythe Booking Fee in accordance with the terms set forth in the BookingConfirmation or

b) Should the Client fail to paythe Balance in accordance with the terms set forth in the Booking Confirmationor

c) should the Client fail to paythe Security Deposit set forth in the Booking Confirmation, pursuant to theterms and conditions set forth therein or

d) Should the Client's conduct becontrary to taking due care of the property (see art. 7).

In the cases designated by lettersb) and c), Target Apartments will be entailed to retain, by way of penalty, theBooking Fee previously paid by the Client in accordance with the provisions setforth in the Booking Confirmation.


While Target Apartments shows themaximum of attention to its online descriptions and apartment advertisements,You should note does not warrant that theinformation published on this website will be error free and in using thiswebsite you acknowledge that the accommodation details and all otherinformation including information relating to travel services published on thiswebsite may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. Target Apartmentscannot be held liable if an error or omission occurs in said description.Target Apartments facilitates the booking of accommodation, manages theproperty and offers other service on behalf of the property owner, but do notown or run any accommodation itself.

The accommodation offered on ourwebsite is rented to you by property owners and not by Target Apartments.Target Apartments is not a party to the contract between you and propertyowner/providers and has no responsibility or liability to you in respect of theterms of that contract whether directly or indirectly. Prior to making abooking, you should ensure that you have reviewed the information published onour website regarding the property and that that information is acceptable toyou. Neither Target Apartments nor any of its directors, employees, affiliatesor other representatives will be liable for loss or damages arising out of orin connection with your use of any information, products, services and/or thematerials offered through this website, including but not limited to, loss ofdata, income, profit or opportunity, loss of or damage to property and claimsof third parties, or any indirect or consequential loss or damages, even ifTarget Apartments has been advised of those risks. It is understood that,within the limits provided for by law, the amount of any compensable damage dueto the Client will not exceed the amount actually paid by the Client to TargetApartments under the contract.